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Aims and Objectives

Our Aim

Melbourne Festival aims to organise and run an annual festival of visual and performing arts in Melbourne and the surrounding district.



1 To enhance the profile of Melbourne for the benefit of those that live and have their businesses there.
2 To contribute to the cultural and artistic life of the community by providing an aspiration for new, developing and existing artists and performers.
3 To Enhance the sense of community through shared activities between groups that might not otherwise come together.



1 To bring talent into the festival from outside Melbourne as well as encouraging local involvement.
2 To build on Melbourne’s role as a regional focus in South Derbyshire.
3 To ensure that all participants should feel that their contribution, in money, facilities or time should have been worthwhile.
4 To create funds to invest in future festivals; e.g. to create innovative new work for the festival.
5 Create a surplus of funds to provide bursaries for local young people to study some aspect of visual or performing art or local history.